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  1. Hi Rich, I enjoyed watching the video, it certainly makes you put life into perspective, as well as your views on making the most out of life. Loved the blog too! Keep going Rich, our thoughts go with you too. Once again, make sure you come home safe to all of us. Miss you big time xx

  2. Hi Fletch!

    Congrats mate for what you’re doing! I’m a fan of this blong and I’ve been following you since the beginning. It’s impressive to see what you one can achieve if pushed by the right motivation.

    All the best and keep hiking!!!

  3. Fletch,
    I love your blog! Especially since I can hear about what “socks” is doing. I’m so happy that you are both having an awesome experience on the trail. Happy Trails and keep safe

  4. Hey Rich,

    Well done for what you have done so far!!!!

    I am loving the beard and think you should keep it for your return. I am so jealous of you, I wish I could grow a beard like that and get away from Sarah for 4 months!!

    Keep it going and see you soon.

  5. Hi Rich,
    I finally got around to sponsor you a modest amount! Mainly through guilt as I have remembered that, a while back, I popped a few quid in a collection box for some sort of wildlife conservation charity, specifically north american black bears. They looked so cuddly on the poster! Anyway, I have been gripped with the thought that if you get eaten by a fine specimen of fully sponsored bear, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself! Here’s hoping you’ll be just a couple of quid faster than any cuddly bear you should come across!
    Keep pushing.
    PS Sorry, I can’t cover you for rampaging Moose!

  6. Hi Rich, great to hear all your news and that you are doing really well on your journey. We’ve been thinking about you lots and can’t wait to see you on your return, which we hope will be sooner rather than later!? Good luck with the ‘Whites’, we wish you all the best. Lots of love from Jean and Mike xx

  7. Happy to donate to your Richard what a fantastic experience he will have and for a great cause. Its not much I’m afraid but if everybody does a little it soon mounts up
    Wendy x (GHS School)

  8. Hi Rich,
    I’ve been keeping a crafty eye on your adventures and I’m very impressed. Interesting to see you expounding the old idea that the person you are now dies when you stop doing what you are doing. I think that we are in truth many people with different strengths for different times. The person you are now is new as everything you are doing is new. This new you won’t disappear at the end of the trail. He will become part of the everyday real life fletch (spiky haired CAD monkey!). It’s growing with experience. When you hit the trail again the ‘trail monster fletch’ will take charge again.
    When people have life changing experiences it just means that the new them that has been born during that experience is stronger and more alive than the previous best them.
    Ok so I may have lost the plot now so I’ll leave at that. Keep pushing but remember that when you are in the lead you may have to back off a little to preserve your tyres to be sure of that podium.

  9. Hey Rich,

    Loving the New pics, the beard is now looking impressive. If I was you I’d keep some emergency back up noodles tucked away in there just in case. Keep on stomping, looking forward to you coming back, I think I can feel a party brewing.

    Chow for now,

    Love Mattay

  10. Hey Rich,
    Just wanted to say that I am proud of the Fletcher progress stomping the AT, well done. I love the posts and read them all so keep em coming. Hope that all the bugs have stopped nipping and the other aliments are under control.
    You must be in tip top condition now and the millage you are covering each day is verrrry impressive. Don’t burn out too early though, remember the tortoise and hare (I know that you have a schedule to keep but bear in mind these wise words….)
    Shame that you missed my birthday bash, missed not having you there. The leg is in plaster now and hopefully healing. I’ll know next Monday when I have a progress check at the hospital (X-Ray) if all is good then either the cast stays on or I get a knee brace (run forest run….) or the worst case I might need an operation… not so good.
    Things at home are OK, Mitch and Milo say ello, keep safe, you ant seen me rite, keep em peeled,
    Much love,
    P.S I am gonna sponsor you soon

  11. Hey Fletch,
    Firstly, a MASSIVE huge Well Done!
    Secondly, I think it’s safe to say I’m pretty hooked on your blog & always eagerly wait for my next installment!
    You are doing amazingly, thank you for sharing your days adventures so we too can have an insight in to your highs & lows as we follow you.
    Keep going,
    Love A-Z (as you & Billy would say!)

  12. Hey Fletch! Push on man! Sorry I missed you at woods hole hostel. I just spaced out, had tunnel vision, and kept on walking. I’ll try to catch up but think you’re way to far off. Enjoy the rest of the journey, my friend! – Drew

    • Message for Drew
      Good to hear from you. I was only asking the crazy German whether he had seen you the other day. Hope you are well and no longer have tunnel vision. I am planning on getting to Waynesbourgh either tomorrow Thursday 22nd or Friday. Then it’s the Shennys.
      Hopefully you can smash some miles out and we can hike together again.

  13. Advice on shoe shnizz!
    Hey Fletch, easiest way to tell what type of inner sole or type of shoe you need is to look at the wear on your shoe. This will tell you if you have overpronation or supination (underpronation). It’s very important to get the right one, else it will simply exacerbate the problem.
    Basically, if your shoe is wearing on the outside edge, you are supinating (underpronating). This is typical of people (like me) with a high arch. In this scenario you want what’s called a ‘natural’ shoe. If the wear is on the inside edge, you are overpronating. This means you want a ‘stability’ shoe. If the wear is right in the middle, you probably have the right shoe, might just need a little padding.
    Hopefully that helps, it’s worth a little research as it can bullocks your knee joints, then back, the headaches will ensure etc, etc…bad times.
    Good luck
    Here’s a link that might help explain it better.

    • Message for DH snizzler – thanks for the info. My Superfeet insoles fill the arch of my foot and are working nicely thanks. I think you have missed your vocation in life and should work for Cotwsold outdoors in the shoe fitting department – ha. Only joking thanks man.

  14. I really, really, REALLY wanted to laugh at your new haircut Rasheed. But crapsticks – it looks fine!!


  15. Pablo from the Island

    Keep pushing mate, you’re doing an awesome job. You’re an inspiration for the adventurer within all of us.


  16. Hi Rich, well done on covering over a quarter of the trail, you will surely finish your quest! It’s been a relief to know that you’ve not been alone on the trek. We’ve been missing you and look forward to your return. Take care, with lots of love and best wishes from Jean and Mike xx

  17. Hi Richard,
    Keep up the good work. I might take you up on the hiking sticks, Ha Ha. Sounds like you’re having a great time, blisters and all. Keeping up with your blog – very informative. Love Mum and Dad xx

  18. Well done Richos, well proud of you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. I hear you may have shaved all of your hair off . Is that because you are anxious to avoid being pointed out as the Sasquatch?

    Quarter of the way mate, lighten the load and push on. You are inspirational!

    Remember the last standoff in the good, the bad and the ugly? Had a vision that you are Clint , the others are meatloaf and a brown bear … Brilliant!

  20. Great reading your diary Fletch. Sounds, and looks, like you’re having a great time over there.
    Keep motoring on!

    This has to be my favourite quote so far: “I am sure glad that I am smashing the trail rather than the ‘fat shapes’ back in the world of F1.”
    Love it!

  21. Ernie & Annemarie

    Yo Rich, a quarter of the way eh?! Thats awesome dude. No doubt tough as hell, but hope you’re enjoying every moment, every step! Annemarie and I are rooting for you buddy! All the best from us on our last day in Turkey. ;-)

  22. Massive respect from the ICT crew@GHS 2k14 A2 banter bandwagon
    #findabandwagon #getitrolling #youseemerolling

  23. Thru Hikers are legit! Keep it up Stromtroopers!

  24. I’m several days out of date, (totes reading everything though) but get some physio tape and google how to strap your foot. simple but effective . you may need to loosen the shoe on the effected foot a little so you can fit with the extra padding and also pad out your other foot so you’re still at the same height.

    i’ll try get upto date tonight, i got the boss watching my screen :(

    keep it up young fletch grills! =D

  25. Fletch! Great diary, I have really enjoyed reading it so far and am now fully subcribed to it. Looks like the most amazing journey, enjoy every second of it even when its getting painful! I would like a bit of commentary on the various fast food outlets you are coming across in these *** **** nowehere towns?

    Cheers T

  26. Hey Fletch! Just finished reading your latest batch of diary entries. It sounds like you are living the dream! I hadn’t realised there would be so many other peeps on the trail with you. I bet it’s fun meeting all these new characters. I like the idea of trail magic. It’s impressive to think that people would be so generous and thoughtful. I’ve also enjoyed looking at your photos. Very nice scenery, and seeing all the cabins, terrain etc helps me to visualise where you are when i’m reading the diary. Are you happy with the camera choice? The pics look good quality.
    Things are very quiet in the office now without you. There is a definite shortage of banter!! However, the FW36 is looking much more competitive, and the livery looks awesome on track. Let’s hope we can keep pushing on and get many more points.
    Good luck with the next section of the trail. I’m sure that with a recovery day or 2 you’ll be an eager beaver to get going again.
    All the best,
    Richie D

  27. Hey Fletch (&Sam),

    Great to meet you guys at Newfound Gap and glad to hear you are moving up the trail at a good pace. You are getting ready to hit the balds and I think you will love them. Data and I will keep following and may hit you up with some trail magic as you move North of Damascus. Enjoy the trail and all that come with it.

    180 & Data

  28. well done Richard, I am following your blog. Sounds like you are having a great time although really tough. KEEP ON TREKKING. Look forward to your next instalment. Auntie Ann xx

  29. Best of luck with your jorney

  30. What’s gwarnin me old Snot Rocket? Enjoying the updates, sounds like a proper mission and schoolboy error on the tent positioning, one drunken night’s training in Mini’s garden might not have been quite enough eh? Hanging out with men that only eat ‘summer sausage’ too – ow yeah!? I guess it is a lonely old trail….. We’ll have to arrange a get together this end and a bit of Skype or a phone call or something…..Happy Easter dude. Take it easy…. :)

    • Word up. I’m currently chilling at a place called hot springs and will have wifi to skype today. What are your dets. My skype name is fletchlives31.

      • Word to the Churd! Sorry dude, been too busy reading the new updates and didn’t spot your reply ^^ I’ve yet to sign up to skype but will do ASAP and pass on the deets.. Keep the updates and pictures coming man and chat soon….

  31. 16.5 miles that is pretty awesome – if I wore a hat I’d take it off to ya!!
    Love the stories Rich, they do make me chuckle, keep em coming. It’s great to hear how you are getting on, it’s like we are all there with you, every step of the way!! Take care, look after yourself.
    Mitch Bukestar xx :)

  32. Deep *shnizz!….Spelling Mr Fletcher, it’s not a German word ;)
    (high fives for both getting deep and using shnizz in the same small sentance.)

  33. Rasheeeeeed!
    Very impressed.. Mega chuckle about the 20 second farts haha!!
    Be careful and be good
    You can doooooooooooo iiittt!
    Monsheeeeeni xx

  34. Hello buddy! Glad to hear it’s all going well so far. Sounds like you’re having fun and finally making some friends for yourself!

    Especially happy to hear that you haven’t been kidnapped in Aintree – and that you still have a lot of enthusiasm for the rest of the trek! Keep it up son!

    One thing though… Pretty sure you just said ” Ramen noods are super light”….

    What the fcuk is up with you? Stop talking to Americans if it’s making you talk like that.

    Peace out bro!

  35. Surley FletchingtonWolvaWova5000 is a more appropriate name. Quick to call out when you’re chased by a bear as well!
    liking the blog son :)

  36. Leanne and Bandit

    Wowsers! Go Rich!! Hope you manage to stay as dry and warm as poss and keep smiling!! Peace out xxx

  37. Good to see some updates Buddy, sounds tough but awesome in equal measure….if not a bit busier than expected !? Keep on keeping on dude, it’s only going to get easier as the old legs get used to the walking. :)

  38. hey rich, nice work, sounds like a good crack,, good to hear that there are lots o peeps to hook up with and share the banter. keep the pics coming I like to see the beard growth as I expect it will be down to ur knees sometime soon! plus the walking sticks make u look like a robotic tripod lol!

    good move keeping the bear spray…… laters

    stay safe

    broski xx

  39. Go Richie, yoooooooooocandoooooeeeeet! Enjoying your blog, stay dry mate and watch out for Mr stay puffed…


  40. Hey Rich!! Yeeehaaaaa loos like your having a mighty good old time out there on the old trail.
    Love your posts and the pics… hope you dont bump into that woman with hairy pins again!!! :-O hahhahaha!
    Looking forward to the next Fletchlives installment.
    Take care.
    The Bukesta xx

  41. Howdy Rich, Nice work good to see you are making use of ya’ll kit that you are packing!! May I suggest sleeping along with ya’ll tucker in the trees?!

    Keep the photos coming plus it would be good to know said bearings (long and lat) so we can keep a track of where you are on the trail? Whats the weather like? I checked today and it seem to be ok??

    Any how look after yourself and keep the posts up on the blog.

    Chow 4 now,

    Mattay x

    • Hey Mattay, check out the map on the blog mapping Richs progress (on the home page on the top right). I am just updating it now. Sarah xx

  42. Hi Fletch! Just read your first 3 days’ reports. Sounds like you are fitting right in! Glad you have made such a good start. I’m sure you’ll soon get into the rhythm of life on the trail. Look forward to hearing more of your adventures :-)

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